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This is a first version of an application for ForestWatchers, where you will be able to mark deforested areas, or paths where you think there is some deforestation. You can even mark interesting points that the researchers will review in a later stage.

The application will show you a tile, that has been previously cleaned by the volunteers, and you will have a black tool bar to draw polygons to identify the deforested area.

The application will show you where Indigineous Areas are, as well as Federal Conservation ones with the hydrography, so you will be able to learn where deforestation is happening.

If you finish all the tasks and you want to keep processing deforestation, help us to clean more tiles from the forest.

Preliminary results

In the following map you can see the deforestation reported by the volunteers. The map and deforested areas are updated 4 times per day.

The deforested areas are marked in red, while the interesting points are the blue icons.

Info Zoom in the map in order to see more clearly the candidate deforested areas.

Note These data have not been reviewed yet. It only represents the discovered areas by the volunteers as deforested ones.

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