Correct classification - Rondônia 2011

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Welcome to Correct-the-Classification, ForestWatchers’ latest application! ForestWatchers proposes a new paradigm in deforestation monitoring based on the power of crowdsourcing. As we all know, tropical forests are under increasing threat worldwide. During the last decades, several million hectares of humid tropical forest were lost each year.

Correct-the-Classification aims at testing (and, eventually, improving) several components that are key to the future performance of the ForestWatchers network. It reproduces, at an elementary scale, one of the main steps carried out by remote sensing experts to visually assess the quality of a deforestation map generated by an automatic classification algorithm. Basically, experts compare a small selected area of the original satellite image with the corresponding classification result (please refer to our tutorial below, for more details).

Correct-the-Classification’s final result will be a corrected deforestation map (as of 2011) for the State of Rondônia, in Brazil. Rondônia has an area of 237,576 km2 (roughly, the size of Portugal), originally covered mostly by the Amazon forest. Since intensive settlement and logging began in the 1970s, a surface of approximately 70,000 km2 has been deforested. Currently, protected areas in Rondônia cover more than 100,000 km2 and protect an extremely rich and sometimes unique biodiversity. This network includes 21 indigenous territories and 15 strict conservation units.

Help preserving for future generations an adequate share of world’s remaining tropical forests! Contribute to Correct-the-Classification!

To know how, take a look in the tutorial:


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