Introducing the first alpha version

We are really happy to announce that since today you can start playing with the base application that we have created for tracking deforested areas from real satellite imagery from the Amazon.

This first alpha version lets you draw areas or lines ( check the black toolbar below the map) to mark zones that could be affected by deforestation and that the segmentation layer is not showing.

You can also add different markers to the map, just to warn us that something is relevant and needs to be reviewed.

  • Deforested Areas Demo Application Screenshot

    This screenshot shows how a user can draw areas to mark deforested zones, as well as add markers to warn the project about something interesting.

If you like it, you can try it yourself!


For the moment there is only one satellite image available, but we have more in the pipeline. The segmentation layer was created with some errors, so there should be deforested areas not covered at all and it will be possible to draw a polygon around them.

Please, feel free to add as many polygons, lines and/or points to the map, as this is just a demo, don’t be afraid, you will not break anything!

Warning The site is under heavy development, so from time to time we may re-deploy the whole site erasing all the data from the database.

We hope you enjoy this very first version, and we would love to hear from you, so please, feel free to send us an e-mail with your comments, suggestions, ideas, etc.

Published Tue 19 June 2012 by Daniel Lombraña González